Zander and Greg working on the Artclock project at the Red Paper Heart Office in Brooklyn.
Entrance of the Red Paper Heart Office in Brooklyn, New York
Close up of Daniel and Zander working at Red Paper Heart Office in Brooklyn
Close up of a white Bike which was part of Red Paper Heart very first interactive art installation: Cycling Classics

At Red Paper Heart, we’re all about creating joy. We design and build playful, inspiring interactive installations that are full of wonder.

We measure the quality of our work based on the emotional responses of our users. So we kick off each project by developing a deep understanding of the feeling we want to evoke and build from there.

Emotion is most important, but interaction is the route to eliciting that emotion. That means that everything we do contains an interactive element – wouldn’t be RPH work without it.

Seamless experiences require seamless planning. To inspire users to forget themselves in moments of pure joy, design, physical build and technology work hand in hand, and disappear into the background.

True collaboration makes the best work. Whether it is with our internal team, or a mix of yours and ours, we’re on it – across time, distance, and discipline.

behind the scenes of interactive installation, dark room with projections and a rowboat
behind the scenes of interactive installation, large vaulted ceiling projection mapped, for detroit installation
behind the scenes of interactive installation, in a warehouse, man riding harley electric motorcycle while wearing mixed reality headset
behind the scenes of interactive installation, infinity mirror room blue LED screen selfie
behind the scenes, Daniel, Greg, and Caleb selfie in front of google ces LED screen
red paper heart team sitting around table eating bbq
behind the scenes of interactive installation, testing touch sensors with led rings lighting up when touched, trolls project
presentation slides, slide shows text: creating joy
behind the scenes of interactive installation, projection mapping colors onto sugar cube sculptures, project: step up to it
behind the scenes of interactive installation, camera configuration app, Jiwon squishes Greg, camera configuration app, project: the wishing forest

Creating Interactive Installations

Red Paper Heart concepts, designs, and builds the digital components of interactive installations. We create work that is permanently installed (think: visitor’s center inside a corporate headquarters) or exists temporarily, like an event activation. We put together our digital and design know-how to create human-centered experiences. We play well with other kinds of companies in the experiential design field, like architects, event agencies, specialty fabrication companies, and even other artists. If you’re not sure if we’re the right fit for your project,

ask us.
  • Talk less, prototype more.
  • Work with real people.
  • Prize collaboration over ego.
  • Keep designers and coders side-by-side.
  • Test and polish until curtain.
  • Take BBQ very seriously.


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