Our idea process begins with visualizing new ways that people can interact with spaces, art and technology. Play is a collection of some of our recent favorite concepts that we’d love to bring to life.

prototype render of sundial made with transparent screens
prototype detail render of sundial shadow made with transparent screens

A sundial where you can play with animated shadows. New hour, new experience.

Flowers that bloom into animation when a hummingbird visits. #birdselfie

image of woman in rowboat interacting with digital stars and water projections all around herimage of woman in rowboat interacting with digital colorful water projections all around her

The feeling of rowing through color and galaxies.

prototype render of woman surrounded by colorful purple projections on slats of glass
prototype render of man walking through colorful projections on sculptural glass tunnel

Drawing color on the walls around you with refracted light.

woman standing in a greenhouse built out of transparent led screens with graphic simulating stained glass windows
woman touching large transparent led screens with graphics simulating stained glass windows

And immersive versions of our moving stained glass project.

  • We can show you our prototypes, research and plans for how to bring each of these ideas into reality.
  • We conceptualize with clients who want to transform spaces into experiences.
prototype render of stairway with colorful bendy integrated led strips

Often our ideas translate a quirk of a physical space into art and animation, like a windy staircase, or the sound of heels clacking on concrete.

prototype render of woman standing in front of large golden tile archway filled with colorful pattern on led screensprototype render of man and woman walking through art installation cube, made out of transparent light up tubes