"Blending Art and AI: The Future of Experiential Technology with Daniel Scheibel" - AI Innovations Podcast

Apple Podcasts, 9/17/2023
In a captivating exploration of the future of experiential technology, Daniel Scheibel, co-founder and technical director of Red Paper Heart, an acclaimed interactive art studio in Brooklyn, takes center stage in this enlightening episode of the AI Innovations Podcast. This conversation delves deep into the convergence of physical and digital experiences and how artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the boundaries of creative expression. Daniel Scheibel's rich background, including collaborations with industry titans like Adobe and HBO, brings a unique perspective to the ethical dimensions that AI introduces to interactive art. The podcast offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Red Paper Heart's most groundbreaking AI-infused projects, providing listeners with a firsthand look at the studio's innovative creations. For those intrigued by the future of experiential technology and its potential impact on the world of art and design, this episode is an essential listen. It offers profound insights into the intersection of design, technology, and ethics, making it a valuable resource for Red Paper Heart's potential clients and anyone interested in the evolving landscape of creative technology.
Listen to the full podcast episode here.

About Red Paper Heart

Red Paper Heart is an interactive art studio comprised of designers and coders who work together to combine interactivity and animation. The company explores the expressive possibilities of technology by combining art, animation, natural interaction, playful games, creative technology, and sensory play for permanent installations or temporary event activations. Red Paper Heart works alongside top companies in the experiential design field, including architects, event agencies, specialty fabrication companies and other artists. With a passion for finding ways to connect objects, spaces and people to create fun, honest experiences, Red Paper Heart makes interactive art installations that inspire powerful emotions, and a healthy dose of joy and wonder.