"Red Paper Heart Illuminates CODAsummit with Innovative AI Art and Technology Vision" - CODAsummit

CODAworx, 10/16/2023
At CODAsummit, the acclaimed gathering that spotlights the fusion of art and technology in the heart of Silicon Valley, Red Paper Heart emerged as a beacon of pioneering placemaking art designed to evoke joy and delight. This prestigious 2.5-day conference provided a platform for creative professionals to come together and reimagine the ways in which art and technology can shape our surroundings. The event featured a diverse array of engaging presentations, captivating showcases, and thought-provoking panel discussions led by leading figures in the art world. Among them was Zander Brimijoin, the Co-Founder of Red Paper Heart, who played a central role as a panelist in "New Tools: Generative AI," a session sponsored by EY Metaverse Lab. This panel delved deep into the intersection of generative AI and art, shedding light on the innovative approaches and technologies driving the evolution of creative expression. Red Paper Heart's active participation at CODAsummit underscored their unwavering commitment to exploring cutting-edge technologies and harnessing them to elevate the boundaries of interactive art and sensory play. Brimijoin's presence exemplified the studio's dedication to pushing the envelope and staying at the forefront of the art and technology landscape. For potential clients and audiences, Red Paper Heart's role at CODAsummit serves as a testament to their visionary spirit and expertise in the realm of creative technology and interactive art. It reinforces their position as an industry leader and a trusted partner for those seeking imaginative solutions for virtual events platforms and trade show exhibits.
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About Red Paper Heart

Red Paper Heart is an interactive art studio comprised of designers and coders who work together to combine interactivity and animation. The company explores the expressive possibilities of technology by combining art, animation, natural interaction, playful games, creative technology, and sensory play for permanent installations or temporary event activations. Red Paper Heart works alongside top companies in the experiential design field, including architects, event agencies, specialty fabrication companies and other artists. With a passion for finding ways to connect objects, spaces and people to create fun, honest experiences, Red Paper Heart makes interactive art installations that inspire powerful emotions, and a healthy dose of joy and wonder.