How This Agency Made Cybersecurity Education Fun for Conference Attendees

Red Paper Heart created a gamified installation for Google at the recent Bloomberg Technology Summit.

BizBash, 7/26/2023
Red Paper Heart, the digital experience studio renowned for its creative and interactive installations, made waves at the Bloomberg Technology Summit with an innovative one-day immersive experience for Google. In a bold move, Red Paper Heart transformed the complex subject of cybersecurity into an engaging game and educational experience. Attendees were plunged into an 820-square-foot installation where they faced a sea of icons symbolizing files and services at risk. As cybersecurity threats attacked these icons, participants used a Google Chrome window on a large touch table to fend off the dangers, akin to a dynamic cybersecurity version of Whac-A-Mole. This immersive experience served a dual purpose, showcasing Google Chrome's enterprise security capabilities while delivering an engaging lesson on cybersecurity. The 20-foot-long LED feature wall displayed real-time scores and reactions, enhancing the collaborative gameplay and touch interaction. This successful gamification concept not only educated attendees but also alleviated information overload at conferences, making it a valuable addition to the event landscape. Red Paper Heart's ability to turn complex topics into engaging interactive experiences highlights its expertise in the field, offering potential clients innovative solutions for their virtual events platforms and trade show exhibits.
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About Red Paper Heart

Red Paper Heart is an interactive art studio comprised of designers and coders who work together to combine interactivity and animation. The company explores the expressive possibilities of technology by combining art, animation, natural interaction, playful games, creative technology, and sensory play for permanent installations or temporary event activations. Red Paper Heart works alongside top companies in the experiential design field, including architects, event agencies, specialty fabrication companies and other artists. With a passion for finding ways to connect objects, spaces and people to create fun, honest experiences, Red Paper Heart makes interactive art installations that inspire powerful emotions, and a healthy dose of joy and wonder.