Ecolab's 100-Year Anniversary Spark Sculpture

A reactive light sculpture

Ecolab, a global leader in water, hygiene, and energy technologies, celebrated a momentous milestone - its 100-Year Anniversary. To commemorate this historic event, a remarkable and interactive art installation was created, known as the "Spark Sculpture." This innovative sculpture served as a captivating centerpiece, symbolizing the spirit, innovation, and sustainability that have defined Ecolab's century-long journey.
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The objective of the Spark Sculpture was to create a visually striking and dynamic art piece that would engage and energize attendees while reflecting the collaborative and forward-thinking ethos of Ecolab. Our role was to create the digital system to power the sculpture for this momentous celebration.

A photo captures the entrance during Ecolab's 100th anniversary, featuring 'The Spark' digital sculpture at its heart. Surrounding it, attendees form a semicircle, with some admiring the sculpture while others engage in conversation, smiles brightening the scene.
A white wall features the Ecolab logo at its center, topped with the bold header "100% IMPACT," followed by additional promotional text.
The LED sculpture radiates light from the center, its base LED screen displaying dynamic particle visuals. Around it, event attendees gather in a semicircle, captivated by the display.

Design and Technology

The Spark Sculpture was a fusion of art and technology, meticulously designed to come alive with the participation of attendees at the Ecolab 100-Year Anniversary Party. Key features of the sculpture included:


The sculpture was designed to respond to attendee activity using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Each attendee received an RFID wristband, enabling them to interact with the sculpture.

A close-up look of how a person is tapping the bracelet with a green LED light inside onto a RFID reader
A ray of green particles is born as a person tapped in with her bracelet. It causes a central explosion of green particle on the screen
A close-up look of a person tapping in with the bracelet. The particles shooting out from her direction into the center has the same color of her bracelet
The LED screen under the LED statue shows an explosion effect of orange particles. A RFID reader is attached to the table in a rim shape surrounding the LED screen

Light and Animation

The sculpture was adorned with a series of LEDs and dynamic animations. As attendees checked in, the sculpture responded in real-time, emitting brighter sparks and shifting animations to reflect the ebb and flow of the event. The lights culminated in key moments where the spark charged to 50, 75 and 100% as moments of celebration.

The LED screen is displaying a percentage of "21%" at the center, with blue and green particles on the black background. There are three circles with the names of three installations on the screen, informing and guiding people to see the other installations at the event
A wide-angle shot of people talking in the stadium. The stage screen at the back is showing "50%" in big font at the center, with a particle background. Another big screen on the back, hanging at the mid air is showing a similar image of percentage
Two screens are playing special lighting animations to celebrate 50% charge of the spark. Extra rims of red and purple particles are exploding from the center


The Spark Sculpture is at its core a visualization of the event activity, a hub that processes data coming from activations around the event, as well as the spark check-ins. As each RFID signal is received, a particle based light system generates a point of light for each time someone interacts with the Spark.

A technical team staff is making real time adjustment on the spark in front of three monitors
A design team staff is changing the look of the particles and lighting on the spark by sliders on the spark app UI


The Spark Sculpture served as a symbol of Ecolab's past, present, and future. It successfully achieved several significant impacts:


The interactive nature of the sculpture engaged attendees on a profound level, as they realized their actions directly influenced the sculpture's appearance.

With over 1,900 RFID tap-ins helping to fill the spark with light over the course of the night, the sculpture encouraged dialogue about how the future of water can not be achieved alone, but rather with collaboration.

A large group of people standing around the spark sculpture. Kelly Clarkson is sing on the stage at the back
The spark is playing an animation of blue particles responding to the concert. A large crowd of people enjoys themselves around the sculpture


Ecolab's 100-Year Anniversary Spark Sculpture was a testament to the company's history, values, and vision for the future. Through a harmonious blend of art and technology, this installation not only illuminated the celebration but also illuminated the path forward for Ecolab, inspiring attendees to continue contributing to the company's legacy of excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

The sparking is showing orange light at the center and blue light at the corners. A group of people are taking photos around the spark

RPH Team

  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Daniel Scheibel - Technology Director
  • Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
  • Greg Schomburg - Lead Developer
  • Mingxi Xu - Developer
  • Jiwon Ham - Senior Designer
  • Oliver Garcia-Borg - Developer
  • Matt Felsen - LED Master
  • John Fischer - Motion Design

  • Ohrenkunst - Sound Design
  • Pink Sparrow - Fabrication

Created with Advoc8 for Ecolab

Installed at Ecolab's 100 year Anniversary Event, Sept 2023, U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN