A close-up captures the hands of Bloomberg Technology Summit attendees as they engage with the vibrant Data Defense Game on a touch table. The screen displays stylized Google Chrome windows, where files are actively being scanned for threats.

Where Data Defense Meets Immersive Artistry

Game On: Simplifying Cybersecurity Education with Google

An immersive installation that invited 2023 Bloomberg Technology Summit attendees to play a new game experience featuring Google Chrome’s cybersecurity technology and data protection capabilities.
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An invitation to learn

Red Paper Heart collaborated with Bloomberg Studios for Google Chrome for Enterprise on a game with the goal of cybersecurity awareness. Designed to be light and playful, Data Defense engages conference attendees taking a break from sessions and meetings about the future of technology.

The outside of the Data Defense installation at the Bloomberg Tech Summit in 2023 displayed vibrant colors and invited attendees to play the game with the slogan: How many security threats can you prevent?A large LED screen next to the touchtable where you played the game displayed interesting cybersecurty facts as well as the games leaderboardA description about Google Chrome for Enterprise and the data defenbe games manual are printed on the wall next to the led screen.

Gameplay driving participation

Data Defense presents gamers with an immersive gaming experience with the central question: “Are we doing enough to protect our data from security threats?” Users are washed with a sea of files throughout the 800 sq foot space, and use a Google Chrome window to locate and neutralize increasing amounts of threats from all sides.

Close up of the touchscreen table display, showing a hand touch one of 4 join buttons to start the data defense game experience.
Close up of the touchscreen table display. The playfield of player 1 reads 'Ready'. The hand of a second player touches the join button on the playfield for player 2.
Close up of the touchscreen table display. The Data Defense game experience is in full swing. Four players move around their stylized chrome windows to find and neutralize threats and gain points. All display graphics are very colorful and vibrant.
Close up of the touchscreen table display showing exploding threats during the Data Defense gameplay.

Enterprise threats come in various forms and intensity.

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Experience the Power of Connection with Interactive Group Games

Fostering collaboration, the game can be played by up to 4 players working together to achieve the highest team score. Teams with top skills in squashing as many threats in 30 seconds as possible get added to the conference leaderboard for legendary cyber security status.

Four Players and a guest stand around the touchscreen table display in front of the big LED screen. The game just finished and one player is entering their team name to submit the score to the leaderboard.
Four players are actively playing the Data Defense game with multiple other attendees watching with excitement.
Conference attendees explaining the rules of the game to each other during the Data Defense game experience.
Two players smiling and clapping after finishing the Data Defense game experience.
Two attendees playing the Data Defense game highly concentrated with the apparent goal to beat the high score.

A message for players

Players walk away knowing that they neutralized many threats, and that with Enterprise security threats on the rise, Google Chrome is invested in protecting your business against these perils.

Thought provoking statistics pose more questions about what cybersecurity risks businesses are faced with everyday.

A woman standing in front of a projection mapped wall that displayed statistics releated to cybersecurity in the form of a QuizTwo players high fiving each other across the touchscreen table after finishing a successful game of Data Defense. The Big LED Wall behind them shows Data Defense's leaderboard.Three people standing around the touchscreen table after a successful game of Data Defense. The big LED screen behind them shows their achieved high score.


  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Daniel Scheibel - Technology Director
  • Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
  • Erin Stowell - Sr Producer
  • Greg Schomburg - Lead Developer
  • Mingxi Xu - Developer
  • Jiwon Ham - Senior Designer

With Bloomberg Studios for Google Chrome for Enterprise

Installed at 2023 Bloomberg Technology Summit in San Francisco, CA, USA and 2023 Bloomberg Technology Summit in London, UK.