A person engages with a motion-tracked pendant lamp that controls dynamic projected shadows of letterforms, blurring digital and physical.

Reading Light

Interactive projected shadows

Reading Light is an interactive installation that delves deep into the profound impact of light on our perception and engagement with written text. Through a series of meticulously designed experiments, this installation offers participants a captivating exploration of how the interplay between light and typography can transform our understanding and emotional response to the written word.
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At the heart of the installation lies a motion-tracked pendant light, a physical metaphor that dynamically adjusts its position and intensity in response to the movements of participants within the space. The bulb serves as a conduit, seamlessly integrating digital letters into the physical environment of the studio, blurring the boundaries between the virtual and the tangible.

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As participants interact with the installation, “Reading Light” invites participants to reconsider their relationship with written text, encouraging them to explore how light can evoke emotion, shape meaning, and influence interpretation. By harnessing the transformative power of light, the installation offers a fresh perspective on the art of reading, inviting participants to discover new layers of depth and nuance in the written word.

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By harnessing the synergy between light, technology, and typography, the installation redefines the way we interact with written language, illuminating new possibilities for creative expression and exploration.

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  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Daniel Scheibel - Technology Director
  • Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
  • Greg Schomburg - Lead Developer
  • Mingxi Xu - Developer
  • Jiwon Ham - Senior Designer

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