crystal vase surrounded by transparent oled screens with crystal petals swirling around

Living Walls

An exploration into animated methods of transforming office space using transparent OLEDs as room dividers. Red Paper Heart designed the dynamic digital experience in collaboration with Gensler XD.

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Growing flowers digitally

We reinterpretted the classic reception desk flower vase as a digital object with both beauty and utility in order to imagine the possibilities for transparent OLEDs. 4 screens envelop an iridescent glass vase, and the screens provide digital flower petals. Not only can the petals create mesmerizing animations - they also contain schedule information - each petal is an upcoming office calendar event.

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Animation as architecture

Transparent screens can participate spatially in ways that traditional screens cannot, so we created a system of animated glass room dividers. Glass room dividers let sunlight through, keep spaces feeling open, but these OLED animations add another dimension of being able to change the glass patterns.

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Flex space

We explored how the walls opened up during a conference call. As participants are added the room becomes more opaque, creating the effect of privacy. And just as the room can be used for conference calls, it can also be transformed into a place of meditation.

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This semi-permanent project is currently on tour, capable of being set up in a variety of ways. Ultimately this project serves as an expression of LG’s commitment to keep exploring the new and exciting possibilities for real world application of their transparent OLEDs.

RPH Team

  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
  • Erin Stowell - Sr Producer
  • Jiwon Ham - Sr Designer
  • Danni Huang - Designer/Animator
  • Josh Young - Designer Intern

Made with Gensler XD
For LG

  • Installed at
  • Open Innovation Forum 2022, Las Vegas