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We were invited to concept and develop the lobby experience for the 2019 Warner Media Upfront. This meant thinking about how the ways in which people consume media have changed, and how WarnerMedia is positioned to be an industry leader in regard to understanding the new media landscape.

“WarnerMedia Pitches Data-Driven, ‘Smarter’ Ad Approach at Upfront”
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We discussed the many “ways in” that fans have with their content. People consume, they engage, and they become part of what they watch. We started thinking about how people rip through the shows they love, and the intensity of fans devotion to WarnerMedia content.

video tunnel displaying conan obrien, anderson cooper, and other media personalities
video tunnel displayin various warner media animated characters
warner media video tunnel dispalying various talens
video tunnel showing layers of warner media assets
Large Screens in a row with various warner media content

We then created an experience around what it looks like after people have torn through a ton of content. Attendees first walk through a tunnel created from carving through the depth of the WarnerMedia catalog.

Once through, visitors emerge from the tunnel into a wide interactive playground.

people stand in front of large screen and use motion of hands to rip through content on screenperson uses hand motion to rip through content on screensperson uses hand motion to rip through content on screenperson uses hand motion to rip through content on screenlarge group interacts in space in front of video content walls.

The core interaction is built around the simple satisfying thrill of tearing through layers of content and revealing what’s hidden underneath. This gesture represents the voracity with which devoted fans consume content. With Kinect based gesture tracking, users wave or slash at the screen, and watch as their hand movements unmask layers of stills and video.

person uses hand motion to rip through content on screenipad displaying content output of user interaction of ripping layers through hand motionsperson using ipad to select their personalizec content outputpersonalized content output from interactive experience

Viewers like to see themselves reflected in what they watch to become part of the process. So we enabled visitors to add videos of themselves to appear within the visual identity of the WarnerMedia Upfront, and to take with them as a memento of the experience.

A custom CMS helped us to keep track of hundreds of content layers, as well as fast image and video processing for visitors to instantaneously share their recordings.

video content wall

Installed at Madison Square Garden Theatre.

Stills courtesy of Atomic Design LLC.


  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Daniel Scheibel - Technology Director
  • Lisa Walters - Executive Producer
  • Greg Schomburg - Lead Developer
  • Shuvashis Das - Developer
  • Danni Huang - Design & Animation
  • Pedro Piccinini - Design & Animation
  • ---
  • with
  • Atomic - Event & Fabrication
  • World Stage - A/V
  • Stellar Hawk - Motion Design
  • OhrenKunst - Sound Design

Created for WarnerMedia

  • Soren West - Agency