The Good Deed Machine - a window display that responds to small everyday acts of human kindness

The Good Deed Machine

Holding the door for someone, recommending a book, letting someone ahead of you in line–these are little things that people do for each other. Our friends at Bombas asked us to create a piece that responded to small everyday acts of human kindness. Bombas created an online campaign that allowed users to submit deeds to inspire people this holiday season. We created a moving physical sculpture that brought this campaign to life.

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The Good Deed Machine lived in the window of the Gap store at 54th and 5th for 2 weeks. Passers by could place their hand on the glass and watch the gears and pistons of the machine startup. The activity of the machine would then produce a good deed, written by online users, for them to carry out this Holiday. The end result was a playful and kinetic way to visualize the flow of goodwill during the Holidays.

The Good Deed Machine - pistons, close upThe Good Deed Machine - sock conveyor belt, close upThe Good Deed Machine - a window display that responds to small everyday acts of human kindnessThe Good Deed Machine - good deed counterThe Good Deed Machine - installation at the NYC Gap over the holiday season

The machine was created with a combination of classic automata techniques in combination with arduino, stepper motors, and camera tracking. A central cinder framework ran the installation and coordinated the movements of all the components.

The Good Deed Machine - hand sensor
The Good Deed Machine - hold your hand still while we find you the perfect good deed


  • Zander Brimijoin - Creative Director
  • Pedro Piccinini - Design, Editing
  • Daniel Scheibel - Technology Director
  • Adrià Navarro López - Creative Coder
  • Eric Jiang - Technology Intern
  • Lisa Walters - Senior Producer
  • ---
  • Nathan Punwar - Video Footage
  • Daniel Jaffe - Video Footage
  • Pink Sparrow - Fabrication
  • Music: Coffee Cup - Niels Nielsen

Created for Bombas

  • Gap - Client