The Next Move

Art Direction for UrbanDaddy's iPhone App

Red Paper Heart designed the new expanded version of The Next Move iPhone application for UrbanDaddy. In updating the application as a whole, we provided a way for UrbanDaddy to keep expanding the app with more sections. The current version of the Next Move has more tools for finding venues, and new sections like "The Short List."

Each new section in the Next Move offers a different method of arriving at bar and restaurant recommendations. Some are colorful and detailed, others stripped down, simple and fast. Not everything we design gets added to the application, but we continue design new concepts to add personality, and creative solutions to the ever growing number of search tools in the Next Move.

  • Art Direction
  • Animation



  • Art Direction

    • Zander Brimijoin

Client & Partners

  • UrbanDaddy

    • Development