The Hug Party

An Interactive Stuffed Animal

The Hug Party is an ongoing installation by Red Paper Heart that encourages people to run and jump on a giant stuffed bear named Marvin. Landing on Marvin causes a flourish of animations to play up and around him. The harder you land, the happier the animations. It’s difficult to leave without a huge smile on your face. Marvin enjoys a good hug.

The goal for this project was to make a simple interaction that created a childlike sense of wonder and exhilaration for its participants. Flying through the air, landing on something soft, and seeing a satisfying reaction upon impact were the focus of all the decisions. Animations moving in hugging motions, the strange illustrations, the surprising sound and the soft welcoming shape of the bear all worked together to create just the right feeling upon impact.

The Hug Party made its debut at the FITC Conference 2012 in Toronto, Canada.

  • design
  • animation
  • code
  • bear hugging



  • Art

    • Zander Brimijoin
    • Philip Sierzega
  • Code

    • Daniel Scheibel
    • Charlie Whitney
  • Bear Construction

    • Jeni Lausch
  • Sound

    • James Laudicina