Heineken Interactive Bar

Touch-table Designs for MiniVegas

Minivegas asked us to create designs, animations and interaction concepts for an interactive bar that premiered at Heineken’s Club of the Future during Design Week in Milan 2012. Projections from underneath the frosted glass bar top turned the surface into an interactive multi-touch table. Not only did the bar react to peoples’ touch, but also to specially designed bottles of Heineken.

Patrons were encouraged to draw on the surface of the bar with their fingers to create patterns of origami shapes. Whenever a bottle of Heineken was placed onto certain hotspots on the surface of the bar, a chain reaction of animations would cascade along the drawings. Patrons could also tap designated hotspots to order a beer and put them into a queue to be served.

  • Art Direction
  • animation



  • Design & Animation

    • Zander Brimijoin
    • Philip Sierzega
  • Thanks

    • Event Photos by Minivegas

Client & Partners

  • Minivegas

    • Creative Direction
  • D3 Technologies

    • Development