A Heart

3d Projected Art Piece

‘A Heart’ is a small projection art piece by Charlie & Phil made during the winter of 2011. The heart was modeled in 3D, flattened, printed, and reconstructed in foam. Animations were made to match the shape and contours of the constructed heart. Custom software was written to place the animations on top of the 3D model. The software also allowed for the individual adjustment of UV coordinates and vertices to fine tune the projections.

‘A Heart’ was shown at galleries, bars, and parties in and around Brooklyn, NY.

We've made a foldable heart pattern available here. Make your own and send us a picture!

  • construction
  • animation
  • code
  • projection mapping



  • Art

    • Philip Sierzega
  • Code

    • Charlie Whitney
  • Construction

    • Phil & Charlie