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Puppeting Giant Characters in Times Square

Google Creative Lab assembled an army to pull off a 2 day event in Times Square to celebrate all that is Android. During the event, the public was invited to create custom characters that could be played in a series of games on the largest screen in North America. Its true resolution is 2,368 x 10,048, measuring over 77 feet tall by 323 feet long- the perfect playground for Red Paper Heart.

We created a series of unique and interactive games specifically for the massive screen that melted peoples faces with fun.

Users first created their Android character in order to play 1 of 4 games. Each game allowed a participant to become their character on the big screen through live motion tracking. As people jumped, posed, and swam, their onscreen character traveled through lively illustrated environments. Over the course of this project, we designed 15 games which involved: log-rolling-lumberjacks, head-banging metal heads and crab-piñatas. We ultimately arrived at 4 game concepts to put into production.

In the final games, people struck model poses on a runway in “Fashionista,” players bounced balls on their heads as many times as they could in “Soccer,” waved their arms to float upward and avoid electric jellyfish in “Swimming,” and tried to keep stacks of elaborate hats from falling over in the game, “Balance.” Each game was a gut simple interaction that put participants in friendly competition with 3 others.

In a location full of passive advertisement, these physical competitive games were a huge drawn and a lot of fun. Plus—the Naked Cowboy played, and may or may not have lost to a group of children.

  • User Experience
  • Game Design
  • Animation
  • Development



  • Red Paper Heart

    • Creative Director: Zander Brimijoin
    • Technology Director: Daniel Scheibel
    • Sr. Producer: Lisa Walters
    • Developer: Adrià Navarro López
    • Developer: Matt Kenefick
    • Developer: Georg Fischer
    • Designer: Phil Sierzega
    • Designer: Pedro Piccinini
  • OhrenKunst

    • Simon Scheibel: Sound Design
    • Charlotte Klauser: Sound Design
  • Project Reel

    • Nathan Punwar: Editor
    • Ohrenkunst: music composition

Client & Partners

  • Google Creative Lab

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