00 Project: Black Material

Animated Piece for a Collaborative Art DVD

Jens Karlsson of Your Majesty commissioned Zander to add a piece to the collaborative art project “Black Material.” The Zero Zero Project as a whole was an exhibition, book, and a collaborative art DVD which celebrated the German artist, Robert Knoke. Contributing video artists, which included Robert Hodgin, Onur Senturk, were tasked with responding to the theme of “black material,” as a tribute to Robert Knoke’s black and white illustrations. Zander chose black clay as the material for his animation. Working with the musician Avery James Brooks, he created a piece where a bouncing ball animation gains complexity with every bounce.

  • design
  • animation
  • sound



  • Art

    • Zander Brimijoin
  • Sound

    • Avery James Brooks

Client & Partners

  • Jens Karlsson

    • DVD Curation